Who We Are

We are a friendly church in Jefferson City that believes Jesus Christ is Lord. We join in God’s work in our world today. We do this by loving God, loving others, and serving our community and the world.


“Go into the world and open the circle of God’s love unto all people.”
Inspired by Matthew 28: 16-20


We invite anyone and everyone to attend our Sunday Worship as we celebrate God in song, scripture, and prayer. We share communion every Sunday.


9:30 am


10:40 am

Church School

11:00 am


Leadership is all about service. With Jesus as our example, we are honored and privileged to lead, guide, and sacrifice for the community. Community Christian Church is congregationally governed. There is no gender bias in any of our leadership posts.



Open Pulpit

We are entering a phase of search for a new full time minister. Services, though modified due to the pandemic, will continue to be available on our Facebook page and on the RESOURCES menu item at the top of this page.



Our Elders join the Minister in taking on the responsibility of praying and caring for the spiritual lives of our members.



Our Deacons work to serve within the church and around the community.

Church staff


Helene Richardson

Helene has been at CCC through several staff leadership changes and is energized by new ideas. In addition to music, she loves being outside and planting dogwood trees. She likes teaching and learning. As well as being gifted on any keyboard, she enjoys playing in the hand bell choir and weekly fellowship time after worship service.


Music Director Jennifer Fults

Jennifer is full of energy, which is good since she teaches music to small children in elementary school for her day job. She is a very positive person with two small children of her own. Jennifer is always open to hearing new ideas for the choir. That turns into some really humorous choral performances on occasion.


Administrative Assistant
Terry Arter

Originally from Fulton, Terry loves a good mystery book or movie, camping and nature in general. Terry is passionate about helping Community Christian Church in all that it tries to accomplish during the week through the operations of the office. Terry and her husband, John, live just outside of Jefferson City and have regular visits with her son’s family, grandson and four great-grandsons. They enjoy going to the movies, family get-togethers, and the center of home life is their two dogs, Otis (15) and Coco (12). If you come in or call, Terry will be there to help you.

Nursery Attendant

We will be filling this position once we resume normal operations with worship.


Why we exist

We are here to be and make disciples. Disciples are those who have decided that the most important thing in their spiritual lives is to follow the teaching of Jesus.

We work to help people discover their gifts and calling, for the purpose of glorifying God in the world and to bring what we each know about God’s love to everyone.

We are a place where people grow spiritually, love their neighbors and the world, and offer Christ to everyone.

Our commitment

Community Christian Church is committed to wholeness, liberty, and love in Jesus Christ.

We seek wholeness.

We are a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world. As part of the one body of Christ, we welcome all to the Lord’s Table as God has welcomed us. All means all.

We value liberty.

Each person is capable of reading scripture and drawing their own conclusions about what is written, following their own spiritual journey.

We pursue love in all things.

The greatest commandment is to love your God; and like it, love your neighbor as yourself.

“Going into the World”

What makes us Disciples of Christ

  • We practice unity and inclusion at the Lord’s Table for the sake of mission and for the sake of the world as the one family of God. We do this by celebrating communion every Sunday.
  • We practice believer baptism – that a person makes the choice to follow God’s call rather than the choice being made for them as an infant. Baptism is the basis of membership in the Church and also a mark that every person is called to serve God.
  • We honor our heritage as a movement for Christian unity by cooperating and partnering with other faith communities to work for bringing about wholeness – healing and justice – in the world.
  • We are called to study and read scripture for ourselves. Rather than having tests of faith and creedal statements, we critically and thoughtfully study scripture, taking into account the history and background – the context – in which it was written.
  • We also honor the heritage of Christian unity by staying together in covenant as a witness to the world that even when we disagree we can still make room, welcoming all to the table as Christ has welcomed us.
  • We move to answer God’s call for justice particularly in the areas of care for the earth, the challenges for women and children, poverty and hunger and immigration. We seek to do this work in cooperation with other people of faith.