Each week we experience the word of God together, opening ourselves not primarily to information, but to transformation.

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by Rev Don Carter 2022-11-20.

by Rev Don Carter 2022-11-13.

by Rev. Don Carter 2022-11-06.

"Our Saints"
by Rev. Lina Eddy 2022-10-30.

"Stranger Things"
by David Machon 2022-10-16.

"Yes, Comeback-ability"
by Rev. Don Carter 2022-10-09.

"A Little is a Lot!"
by Rev. Lina Eddy 2022-10-02.

"Why I Pray"
by Samantha Clack 2022-09-25.

"Who Will You Serve?"
by Rev Lina Eddy 2022-09-18.

"Quincy, Jesus and the Kingdom of God"
by Rev Dr. John Bennet 2022-09-04.

"Staying Afloat"
by Kevin King 2021-01-17.