Infants and Pre-school

A staffed nursery provides a variety of Bible related toys and activities for our youngest ones; providing a Christian environment to grow into.


Lessons are Bible story based from the New & Old Testament with some time for discussion and lots of interactive participation.


This class is currently using a curriculum based on the Parables of Jesus, followed by creative reflection and in-depth dialogue.  The sessions deliver an overview of the Bible and guide participants to connect the stories to their own lives.


There is presently one adult class, led by Cheryl Carter, presently reading Josh Scott titled: Context: Putting Scripture in its Place. The term for a class varies based on what is being studied and the availability of a core of participants, recognizing the needs of family and the busy schedule we all have. The adult class is an hour apart from everyday activities, when participants can share experiences and ask questions with guidance offered from fellow congregants or clergy.

In preparation for baptism

Though not solely a class for youth, during certain times of the year a class is offered for those that are considering baptism and membership to the church. We believe that a person makes the choice to follow God’s call rather than the choice being made for them as an infant. This class meets for several weeks, where individuals study scripture; learn about self-determination and the history of the Disciples of Christ movement in the Christian faith. Baptism is often the outcome of the class though it is up to the individual to make that choice through a confession of faith before the congregation. Following that, baptism occurs by immersion.